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The Park in Manchester

n Saturday Afternoon,whilst staying with Uncle John and Aunt Josephine in Manchester, we always went for a walk to the Park,because, as Uncle John said, the children could run about,the Ladies could take turns in pushing Marion in her pram, and the Gentlemen could talk to their hearts content. How George and I loved it. I always begged to walk as far as the little gate so that I could look through to the beautiful houses and the quiet road where only smart carriages drawn by dainty horses went and there were nurse maids taking tiny tots for a walk. It was very quiet and peaceful and someday, I told George, I would go and live in one of those lovely houses and he could come and live in it with me and the year was 1907.

Size: 8"x 10" / 203mm x 254mm


Buying Ducks For Christmas

other said it wouldn't be long before it was Christmas and that we'd better be thinking about Ducks! Grandpa was coming to stay with us for a few days, and Grandpa loved Duck, so, although it had snowed through the night, the Aunts and Miss Carter (who wore Pink) called for Mother, George and I, decided to go up to Warfe's Farm and see if they had any Ducks. When we arrived there, Annie Warfe was feeding the hens, and, there quacking along in a line were the Ducks, so Mother asked if they could let us have four, and they arrived in time for Grandpa and all of us to have a Good Dinner and the year was 1906.

Size: 8"x 10" / 203mm x 254mm

The Map in the Newsagents

t was always sad to see the little red Flags on the Map in the newsagents shop in Lees Road. I always got off the tram there so that I could see how near to Paris the war had got and as I looked each week it seemed as though the war would never end. Life was very hard for all of us. There was no time now for holidays, it was always work! and the year was 1916.

Size: 8"x 10" / 203mm x 254mm

Going Through the Woods

e had very few places near Lees or Oldham where there were trees with walks through them, but, by taking a tram car we could have a very nice country walk. We had just arrived back from our long Summer holiday at Blackpool with Grandpa. Mother said, "Let us go round to Grandma's and see if the Aunts won't put their hats on, and come for a walk", Miss Carter (who wore Pink) and Mr. Taylor (the Bank Manager), the Aunts, and even Grandma thought it a good idea and sent George and I round to collect Emily Maitland, who was delighted to come for a walk with us. Much to our surprise, George and I saw a rabbit much to the delight of Gyp and Barney, and the year was 1907.

Size: 8"x 10" / 203mm x 254mm

Gathering Blackberries

t was our last afternoon at Blackpool, so Mother said, "Let us go gathering blackberries in the Enchanted Garden. We'll take them back with us tomorrow, along with all the apples Grandpa got from St. Michaels", so our last afternoon at Blackpool was a very happy one, except for the thought that we had to say Goodbye to our pond, and the little moorhens and the lovely Enchanted Garden, "But never mind George, when we get back home to Lees, it will soon be Christmas with that little horse you want, then, after Christmas it will be Spring and Grandpa's and Blackpool again", and the year was 1906.

Size: 11"x 147/8" / 279mm x 378mm

Waiting for Grandpa

n Friday afternoons we went with Grandpa to the farm in St. Michaels. Grandpa liked to visit the Farmer and he bought apples, eggs and home cured ham. Mother, the Aunts, Miss Carter (who wore Pink) and Mr. Taylor (the Bank Manager) also George and I, and sometimes Mrs. Maitland and Emily liked to walk along the path besides the river. Mother said that if we walked along the path we were safe from cows, but, "Oh dear, what ever shall we do" cried Miss Carter, "Just look at those cows, how ever shall we get past them", but Mr. Taylor said "Come along, Iv'e got my stick and we'll be alright", Mother said, after we were safely past the cows, "I don't know what ever we would do without Mr. Taylor, He's so very kind", and the year was 1906.

Size: 11"x 147/8" / 279mm x 378mm

Family in Spring Lane

t was our last walk along Spring Lane before setting off for Blackpool the next morning. Grandma, the Aunts and Miss Carter (who wore Pink) called for us and as they walked along talking about all the little things they had to do before the cabs came the next morning. Willie and Annie Murgatroyd came running up to George and I, Annie saying that they would see us at the station the next morning as they were going to their Auntie's at Blackpool. "What's the matter with Willie", said Grandma. "He's got the mumps" shouted Annie. "Oh dear me", said Mother, "that's the last straw. Children, put your hankies to your noses". "I've never had the mumps", said Miss Carter, "and look, Mr. Taylor (the Bank Manager) is coming. Let us all turn back quickly", and the year was 1908.

Size: 141/2" x 217/8" / 368mm x 556mm

All On An April Evening

t was on an April evening - Mother said "Let us go for a walk in the Enchanted Garden, it is such a beautiful evening. Come along children, it is too nice to go to bed", so George and I helped Mother, the Aunts and Miss Carter (who wore Pink) to gather daffodils to take back to Grandma, who was feeling tired after the first day of our holidays at Blackpool, and the year was 1908.

Size: 15" x 221/16" / 381mm x 561mm

Friday Afternoon at the Co-op

On Friday afternoons, Mother, Aunt Francs, Aunt Mary, Miss Carter (who wore Pink) and George and I walked quite a long way to a new Co-operative Stores to buy our flour to bake our bread. The first time we went to the shop we saw little boys hurrying to the shop from school - it was to buy the flour and carry it home in pillowcases on their heads - nearly all the mothers baked their bread on Saturdays and if Aunt Frances took George and I and Gyp and Barney for a walk on Saturdays the delicious smell of home baked bread always made us hungry. The special flour that was sold in the Stores was from their own flour mill and was unbleached, and when it was baked it gave us 'The Golden Loaf'. On my twelfth birthday mother said "Now you're twelve you must take over the Bread baking", so every Saturday morning I stoked up the fire oven and got on with the job of providing ourselves with seven two pound loaves and the year was 1912.

Size: 151/2"x 163/4" / 394mm x 425mm

Going Off to Blackpool

Come Children", said Mother, "The Cabs are here and Father is beginning to load up the luggage". We could hear a great commotion with Father being very cross. "Jane, why do you have to take all this luggage whenever we go away?" Mother just replied, "Yes Frederick" and smiled. Then Father caught sight of Grandma and the Aunt's luggage and Mr. Taylor (the Bank Manager) came with Miss Carter's huge trunk and we could tell by the way Father stamped about that he was in a very bad temper. However, Mr. Taylor soon had everything sorted out, and in no time we were off to the station - and Blackpool and the year was 1908.

Size: 177/8"x233/16" / 454mm x 589mm