About Your Helen Bradley Signed Limited Edition Prints
All Signed limited-edition prints were approved and stamped by The Fine Art Trade Guild, a completely independent trade association. The embossed stamp appears immediately below the left-hand corner of the image, balancing the artist's signature on the right. On unsigned editions (published after the artist's death) it is below the centre of the image.
The Guild stamp confers three benefits of lasting value.
First it gives you absolute confidence that the stated limit of the edition is ensured. Each copy in the edition bears a unique combination of three letters to the right of the symbol; this is a code, in which each letter represents a figure, so that every print can be seen to have its own individual number.
Secondly, it confirms that the print has been produced in accordance with the Guild's strict regulations, using high quality acid-free paper and fade resistant inks. By taking care that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light and protecting it from conditions of high humidity you can extend its life over a period of very many years.
Thirdly it testifies to the fact that your print is a faithful reproduction of the original painting, approved by the artist.
And about the Fine Art Trade Guild

The Fine Art Trade Guild is a trade association, originally founded in 1847 as The Printsellers Association. It has always had as its major objective the establishment of the highest standards in print publishing, picture framing and trading in fine art generally.

Wherever you see the Guild's emblem, you can be confident of the best service and attention.

If you have any queries you should contact the Clerk of the Guild at the address below.

The Fine Art Trade Guild
16-18 Empress Place, London SW6 1TT
Tel: 020 7381 6616